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A Trip For Everyone!

"This is much too early to take our kids on a trip through such a complex country like Israel! The kids will not understand what they will hear and see – no way, we will have to wait until they will be grown-ups to come!"

This is what common sense dictates us to think. But experience has shown that things work the other way around. Taking young children and youth on a trip to some other country does have a high added value – as a life long experience. This is also relevant especially from a pedagogical point of view – once the love for a certain place has been installed into young person he will follow up in later years with much deeper interest and involvement. Heart and mind are open for more…

Israel is in fact an ideal place to travel with children, youth and family!

In a very small area we find ethnic, historical and spiritual highlights combined with exciting nature, which all of them guarantee high satisfaction for any inter-generational trip. First class nature reserves, the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea, the Lake of Galilee, the magnificent pools of the Sachne, Arugot Wadi, ancient underground cave-systems and water-tunnels, mysterious alleys in Akko, Safed and Jerusalem, hiking on the footsteps of the Nabateans in the Ramon Crater, unique Holy Places and famous excavations – with rapid change in scenery and topic, making it an exciting experience for all the participants to the trip.

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