Matty Klopper


I was born and raised in Jerusalem and I live in this unique city to this day.
By profession I am a marketing specialist and I have a long career in international marketing and global business development. I have specialized in Israeli developed patented consumer goods including marketing in destinations such as the Far East, Australia and West Europe.

Along with my career I have always had a passion for touring and travelling. This passion has manifested itself in hiking and cycling in the countryside of Israel and also in travelling abroad to far and exotic destinations. One of my favorite destinations over the past decade has been the Indian Sub-Continent, where I have spent many months investigating this rich culture and landscape.

I was thrilled when Tzachi (who is also my older brother) offered me to join the SK Tours team and to lead the project of 'Tourism From India to Israel'. My passion for touring, my marketing profession, my love for India and my deep connection to Jerusalem and the Middle East all united under one calling.

I am looking forward to enable the people of India visit our unique country and experience the diversity and rich history of this land of the Bible. I am sure this project will quickly grow and be an important part of the SK Tours activity.

Matty Klopper

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