Our vision

“Fair Travel“ organizes journeys to Israel and Palestine as the first Israeli-Palestinian Joint Venture in Tourism.
“Fair Travel“ believes in Cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians even when normalization between the two people seems still far away.
From the European experience we know that the foundations for peace among people and countries are based on a common vision and economic cooperation - the “Dividends of Peace”.
It is the explicit goal of “Fair Travel”, to develop this kind of economic co-operation between Israelis and Palestinians.
Both people will have the opportunity to present themselves and their homeland on an equal footing.
At the same time we want to show the common desire to create a different future of coexistence and cooperation on the basis of mutual compromise – in the footsteps of the future!.

“Fair Travel” has been created by two organisations

The Partners of “Fair Travel”

“Fair Travel” Tours

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