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located in Beit Jala (Bethlehem area), which is today the most modern Rehabilitation institution in the Palestinian Territories. The founder and director of Lifegate is Mr.Burghard Schunkert, who has put himself over the last 25 years as a believing Christian in the middle of ongoing dialogue between Israel and the Palestinians. From its inception „Life gate“does aim to overcome borders and bounderies, where Israelis and Palestinians do assist sick and disabled people in the Palestinian Territories.Yet the work of “Lifegate” aims to go beyond individuals in need – it aspires to change the perception of disabled people in Palestinian society altogether. Lifegate wants to change societal conventions and norms and to have a long term impact on the Palestinian society.With its ‘”Fair Travel”-project Lifegate is opening anew opportunity for the disabled in the Palestinian Territories to become economically active. Lifegate will offer its own guesthouse services, run entirely by disabled people. The inclusion of disabled people into tourism is considered an absolute novelty in this region and the concept has drawn already a lot of interest.

Lifegate Rehabilitation
P.O.B. 10369, Jerusalem 93503
Tel. 00972-2-2741373, Fax 00972-2-2741065
Lifegate@netvision.net.il, www.lifegate-reha.de

Tor zum Leben - Lifegate Rehabilitation e.V.
Andreas Grieser Str.77, 97084 Würzburg
Tel. 0931-58069, Fax 0931-58019
tzl@lifegate-reha.de, www.lifegate-reha.de

SK-Tours in Nature

SK-Tours in Nature is a travel agency in Jerusalem.It is managed as an Israeli-German enterprise and is dedicated for many years also to the Israeli-Palestinian dialogue.Beyond regular political and general study tours SKTours has specialized itself on modern Pilgrimage and Pilgrim Hiking to Jerusalem, in reference to the so-called ‘Fifth Gospel’ – the understanding that God’s word has a concrete foundation in the geography of the Holy Land. Sk-Tours in Nature is a leading organizer in regional tours – to Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Sinai and Egypt.

SK-Tours in Nature
43 Emek Refaim St. German Colony, Jerusalem 93141
Tel.00972-2-6726095, Fax 00972-2-6712936
info@sktours.net, www.sktours.net


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