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The “Fair Travel” – Study Tours

The basic concept of “Fair Travel“ has quite practicalconsequences for the route of the trips:“Fair Travel“ groups spend their time on an equalfooting – usually about one third in Palestine andup to two third of the time in Israel.“Fair Travel“ offers study trips that show withoutprejudice the touristic sites as well as the actual livingconditions in Israel and Palestine. “Fair Travel“does not only relate to the existing lines of conflict,but also and no less to the efforts for cooperation,development and vision for the future on bothsides.The study-trips offer also a series of lectures onvarious topics. Meetings and encounters withoutstanding personalities from politics, economyand the cultural sector from both societies willadd the human factor to the understanding of theregion.The trips will include visits to Kibbuzim and refugeecamps, settlements and universities in Israel andPalestine.“Fair Travel“ does leave sufficient time for informaland ‘accidental’ encounters with Israelis andPalestinians from all societal sectors in an authenticdaily life setting – tee houses, markets and privatehomes.“Fair Travel“ puts its far reaching contacts into theIsraeli and Palestinian society into the organizationof international events, conferences and seminars.

The “Fair Travel“ - Pilgrimage and Community

Trips are carefully designed in close cooperation with representatives of the three monotheistic communities. Special travel-programs for Muslim and Jewish groups are developed.“Fair Travel” groups visit the holy and historical sites in Israel and Palestine. They see, feel and learn about the broad spiritual wealth of the region around the Jordan-Valley, which has brought so much faith and history into this world. Including the Kingdom of Jordan with its historical sites into the program can broaden the experience of our visit to the region.

The “Fair Travel“ “Peace-Pilgrims“

The participants of “Fair Travel“- study, pilgrimage and communal trips contribute through their visit to reconciliation and the living conditions of people in Israel and Palestine – “Dividends of Peace“! For this they will receive a certificate that makes them“Peace-Pilgrims”.The tours of ”Fair Travel” are planned and executed in close cooperation between the two partners and offer the participants the chance to contribute actively to social change in the region. It is therefore that in any program a meeting with Lifegate and a donation of some 50 Euro per participant is calculated into the price.

Our vision

“Fair Travel” has been created by two organisations:

The Partners of “Fair Travel”

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