The 5th gospel


Pilgrim Hiking through the Galilee and up to Jerusalem

It is after weeks and months of a long journey that pilgrims reach their goals – and for them, the way is as much a destination as the destination itself.  Yet to the Holy Land and to Jerusalem – the holiest of all places – pilgrims today can arrive after a short flight...  

S.K. Tours in Nature offers an alternative to the classical pilgrimage tour. We propose that you experience the world of the Bible by walking through its  landscapes. “The Fifth Gospel" is based on an understanding that there is a geographical background to the incarnation of the Lord, which provides for a deeper understanding of the life of Jesus and his words to the people of his time.

To fully appreciate this type of experience, we leave the conventional routes. We do not want to rush from one holy site to the next, but prefer to take our time and connect as much as possible with the biblical landscape – the canyons and hills, history and unique atmosphere.

Our walk on ‘The Journey to Jerusalem’ takes us from the west through the Judean Hills, and from the east through the Judean Desert. We can also follow the Jesus Trail through the Galilee. Along this spiritual  journey we will stay with Israelis or Palestinians until we arrive at our destination – JERUSALEM!


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